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Celebrate your time at 'Henrys' 2014.
King Henry VIII School was delighted to welcome year 13 pupils and their parents for a celebration of the time they spent at the school. We also wanted an opportunity to thank the parents for their ongoing support and commitment to their child’s education at the School.

It was a delightful evening on the day of the last A2 exam, allowing everyone to relax and savour some nostalgic moments in the place they had spent their last 7 years! It was wonderful to see so many students with their parents and tutors, all of whom had a vital role in them reaching this pivotal stage of their education.

The atmosphere captured the magic of the moment, assisted by a display of projected photos depicting their journey through the school. This was universally enjoyed, as was the ‘Bucks Fizz’ that we used to toast the occasion!

From our perspective we wanted to say ‘au revoir’, not goodbye and welcome the students into the realm of the ‘Old Coventrians’. This network can help support them through the next few years and aims to provide a ‘community for life’.

The headmaster and Richard Atkins (Chair of Governors) both addressed the audience with sincere words and invited them all to stay in touch and partake in a rich tapestry of the Old Coventrian world.

Helen Cooper (OCA Chair) welcomed students to the Old Coventrians Association and described what the organisation can offer and is striving to achieve. Helen herself is an Old Coventrian, who started at King Henry VIII in 1975, the first year that admitted girls. Helen spoke about the benefits of being a lifelong member of the school community.

Finally each student was presented with a unique gift of 2 large scroll photographs, one of the leavers’ Assembly and the other a tutor group photo, taken at the notorious leavers’ event. It also contained an exclusive lapel pin badge of the striking King Henry VIII crest on a card illustrating the ‘Old Coventrians’ contact details. Finally a copy of our fascinating book ‘King Henry VIII School - Blitz to Millennium’ was enclosed.

Many parents said how much they enjoyed the event and found it quite emotional. The students clearly had fun and were not surprisingly in great spirits! It is now more than an event but is a milestone which students and parents embrace wholeheartedly!
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